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What would happen if one little boy had the power to control the entire world’s internet? Archie loves the simple things in life. He loves to go for walks; play board-games; enjoys a good book and really isn't too bothered with technology but Mum & Dad are ALWAYS on their phones and his sister never looks up from her tablet. It was then Archie realised that no one talks to him any more... Upon going for his daily walk, alone, Archie stumbles upon a plug at the bottom of his garden. He follows the cable but can’t see where it leads to. Nevertheless, he decides to unplug it - just to see what happens. He soon discovers that this one simple plug controls the power to the entire world’s internet... This is the story of how Archie learns the good and the bad of a world without internet and what it’s like for him to have that kind of power. Thank you for buying "Archie Unplugs The Internet". As you may know, we self publish all of our books and any orders that we receive gratefully go toward the production of our current and future books. All of our books have an important and deep message behind them, written in a way that children can relate to and understand.

Archie Unplugs The Internet - Ebook