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Husband and Father of 3, Chris Duke, was, until a couple of years ago, an overweight, unemployed, depressed shell of the man he is today.


A serial self-sabotaging man, Chris realised that he was, indeed, his own worst enemy.


Join him as he takes you through the journey of his life. The ups and the many downs that lead him to some of the lowest points of his life, points that nearly cost him his marriage and family.


Learn what Chris did to overcome these demons, and how he learned to finally defeat his own worst enemy...himself.


This book will take you through the techniques that Chris used to help him:


• Lose Weight

• Overcome Anxiety

• Deal with his own depression

• Motivate himself to turn his life around for his family.



That, mixed in with some entertaining stories from his life including:


• When he opened for Olly Moors in front of 10,000 people.

• How he got Hulk Hogan’s phone number.

• When he sang with a Spice Girl.

• When he had a wrestling match.


And much more.



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